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Accompaniment on the Yes-Day

Accompaniment on the

Wedding planning can be stressful. Generally, you have never done anything like this before and you cannot assess what is going to happen or what you would need to do.
The location search is difficult because many are already fully booked. Everywhere it says on the Internet, you can only get an appointment at the registry office 6 months before the wedding. And when looking for photographers, DJs, etc. you get overwhelmed with all of the choices and don’t know who to book.
Nevertheless, so far you have managed everything on your own and are now wondering whether it would make sense to get professional support during the day, who coordinates and manages everything, so that after so much work and planning you can enjoy your wedding carefree and relaxed? Precisely.

Because, many couples think that this task can be carried out by family, friends or even the bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, this is not advisable, even if you may organize a lot professionally. Why? First of all, your guests are not service providers. They should have fun and enjoy the day and celebrate with you. It will only be a feast for you if your guests are relaxed too and rave about how great it was for a long time after your wedding. However, this is difficult if they are assigned to various tasks throughout the day. And then they were still not involved in the planning process and do not know the exact process. Noone won’t keep a constant eye on the clock, much less hold a schedule in their hand.

At a wedding, a lot has to be coordinated throughout the day and sometimes changes spontaneously. A relaxed wedding is rarely the case and you are already back in the planning mode that you actually wanted to leave at home for that day.

Our bride Ines was accompanied by BRAUT & BRÄUTIGAM magazine and describes her experiences. She comes from the wedding industry herself and at first would not have believed that she would need additional support. But read for yourself in our blog, with the topic „WOZU BRAUCHE ICH EINEN HOCHZEITSPLANER? DIE ERFAHRUNG AUS SICHT EINER BRAUT…„, what she has to say.

We are happy to take care of the accompaniment on the wedding day and ensure a smooth process, manage the coordination with all service providers and are contact persons for you and your guests. Since our team consists of several wedding planners, it is always guaranteed that there will be replacements in the event if your planner gets sick at short notice.

A lot of little things happen during in the last month of planning. Together we go through your complete planning again and look at the last details. We also create a detailed daily schedule for ourselves and all service providers. So that we don’t miss anything on the day of the wedding, we are happy to take on the coordination and accompaniment.

This accompaniment on the wedding day includes the following:

  • Sample of a daily plan template
  • joint elaboration of the detailed daily plan for the wedding, by arrangement
  • 1 meeting before the wedding to discuss everything (best possible in the location)
  • 10-11 hours accompaniment on the wedding day
  • Contact person for you and your guests during the wedding day
  • Management and coordination of all service providers
  • Set-up of the decoration concept (depending on the expenditure, support may be required)
  • Monitoring & coordination of the schedule
  • Coordination of the surprises planned by the guests, if present
  • Small moderations or announcements if needed
  • Problem management

€1.200, each additional hour at € 85

Travel costs will be charged separately and amount to € 0.55 / km.

All prices include statutory VAT.