Day of wedding service WITH A WEDDING PLANNER

Your wedding day is one of the greatest and most important experiences in your life together, which is why a professional accompaniment on the wedding day is so necessary. Because after you have planned everything carefully, you only look forward to this day, want to celebrate reveled and relaxed, you should hand over the responsibility.

marrybylen takes over the accompaniment on the wedding day and ensures a smooth process, manages the coordination with all service providers and is the point of contact for you and your guests.

Many couples think that this task can be done by family, friends or groomsmen and bridesmaids. However, this is not recommended, even if they may have a lot organization skills. Why? First and foremost, these are your guests and not service providers. They should have fun and enjoy the day and celebrate with you. It will only be a feast for you, too, when your guests are relaxed too and rave about how great it was for a long time after your wedding. However, this is difficult if they are divided over the day for various tasks. And then they still were not involved in the planning process and do not know the exact procedure.

They won’t constantly watch the clock, or keep a schedule in their hands.

At a wedding, much has to be coordinated throughout the day and sometimes spontaneously changed. A relaxed wedding is rarely the case and you are already in the planning mode that you actually wanted to leave at home for this special day.

Begleitung am Hochzeitstag, Hochzeitsdekoration

Do not leave anything to chance on your wedding day and hand over the management to marrybylen, so that you can enjoy one of your best days in a relaxed way with all the guests.

The best thing that guests have told us at a wedding was:

“Tell me, what did you do with the wedding couple?! I have never seen the two of them so relaxed… “

That was the biggest compliment we could get, because that’s what our job is all about. You, the wedding couple, should be able to enjoy an unforgettable day!

For the accompaniment on the wedding day, we meet by arrangement some day before the wedding, either in the location or in the office and talk through your day once completely. We will be happy to give you tips and suggestions for improving the timing, if needed. For the wedding day itself, we write a detailed schedule for ourself and everyone involved.

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