Wedding Design Concept

  • Elegance with a hint of vintage
  • Colors: rosé-gold
  • Welcome sign
  • handmade stationery from handmade paper with a rose-gold torn edge and calligraphy

              1 year



Our wedding was entirely planned by Madlen and it could not have been better. While choosing a wedding planner it was really important for us to find someone who was extremely professional and responsive and more than anything, reliable. Organising a wedding is really stressful because obviously you want it to be amazing, so choosing a wedding planner is really important. 
We were immediately sure of our choice because Madlen was really great from the beginning to the end. She answers really fast, she has great creative ideas and always find solutions to problems that come up, she immediately understood what kind of wedding we wanted and she did exactly that. 
She stays always perfectly professional and is a really nice person even under pressure and time restraints. During the wedding day, it was a huge relief to have someone who was overseeing everything and we had nothing to do but relax and enjoy. 
If you are looking for a wedding planner, we can only recommend her!
Ludivine and Franck