wedding design concept
Gatsby with petrol

  • Great Gatsby
  • Colors: petrol with gold accents
  • Petrol table cloth
  • Casino table with a riddlegirl
  • 1920s props from Babelsberg

              10 Month



“Hu Hu, dear Madlen!
Now calm has returned and we want to express our thanks again to you and Trang with this letter for our perfect wedding.
But let’s start from scratch: The decision to use a wedding planner was made very quick. After I did the marriage proposal to Tina, it started immediately …
How? Where? When? were the first questions and the internet was hot. Completely overwhelmed by all the information and the desire to have the perfect wedding only allowed one decision. You need a wedding planner like someone from TV, someone who knows about it and who realizes our dream wedding. For both of us the first wedding and the feeling of elation to have found the right partner … it just has to be unforgettable. That was our intention! The topic was quickly found: GATSBY
So we started looking for a wedding planner and I studied websites and made calls. I was slowed down at the beginning. Half with statements that took away any anticipation or the feeling of what we have in our guts does not get there. Yes, and then we ended up at marrybylen.
Already on the phone it was different, personable and full of passion. An appointment was made quickly and easily, and we were yours right away. Our decision was made immediately and the other appointments were no longer necessary. You immediately accepted our motto and were full of ideas. Tina and I looked at it afterwards and we knew we had found our wedding planner.
Someone to whom we want to entrust the planning of our most beautiful day and feel that we are in good hands. It couldn’t go fast enough for us and it should start immediately … Location, service provider, decoration, everything that goes with it. So many questions we had and you have always had an open ear for any concerns. We never felt annoying. Especially me, who wanted to implement everything immediately. Especially in the planning time after the location, the appointments and all service providers were under one roof. For me, the time when I got really impatient and thought we couldn’t make it in time. Yes, and again you calmed me down and managed to make us feel that we were in good hands at all times.
And then it started that Gatsby’s concept took shape. Every detail has been carefully considered and meticulously implemented by you. A deviation from the concept was not permitted. The color of the tablecloths alone did not allow for any shade of color deviation on your part. With calm and serenity you have solved every problem perfectly. You have sent us countless emails and suggestions. We particularly appreciated your speed when you had questions or suggestions. An answer was never long in coming. To be exact, research usually came the next day. You also left the constant appointments with the men’s outfitter in peace. Thank you again for that. Even if problems occurred, you were immediately on the spot and looked for us and found solutions.
Dear Madlen,
and then suddenly it was time ……………. One year of planning was over and there was no turning back. Our day was there. There was no going back now. You had the say and we were in our own movie. Our wedding day was unique. Your perfectly structured process was adhered to and every detail was loving. You always had all the strings in your hands and always everything in mind. Nothing was forgotten, everything went smoothly. We were able to enjoy our day carefree. Without you, the day would never have been so perfect for us. You made our wedding an absolute dream wedding. For us, it remains in the memory with only the most beautiful memories. You were the right choice and did a great job. Thank you for everything you have done for us. The best wedding planner. We wish you all the best for the future. We are sure that you will make many couples as happy as we are.”

Winke winke, Tina & Andreas