6 Future Wedding Trends to Expect

Every new year that arrives comes with an accompanying new season of trends. We in the wedding industry can often, based on experience, predict some of these future trends. We haven’t had many weddings this year because of the pandemic, but we hope next year is better.

In the meantime, have you contacted a wedding planner for your wedding yet? If not, you should reach out to us soon, you’re going to need one now more than ever. With that out of the way, here are some new trends that we expect to see, take center stage soon when it comes to weddings.

6 Hochzeitstrends für 2021

Here are some new trends that we’re expecting that will soon be the focus when it comes to weddings.

  • The Table Remix

In the table remix, tables at wedding receptions are pushed together and made into beautiful designs. It makes for a more personalized and intimate guest experience at receptions, and the lovely designs we’ve seen so far are waved and curved. We also used this last year by placing the tables in a large square with the dance floor in the middle. That created a very nice and exuberant mood. And also this year, at one of our August weddings, we not only put round tables in the room, some are pulled together as a three-way combination, which gives the hall a completely different effect. And in times of Corona, it offers optimal possibilities to also keep more distance. At our wedding with the motto Star Wars, which will also take place in August, we ordered elliptical tables. These are planned to be set up in a star formation to match the topic.

So we can be curious to see what other beautiful shapes we will see next year.

  • Greenery

Greenery is another trend we’re sure we’ll be seeing a rise of in the future. Garden weddings and indoor venues designed to look like gardens will be at the forefront of this trend, and couples will be able to incorporate it to everything from their décor to even the bride’s bouquet. 

Photo: Hochzeitslicht
Photo: Hochzeitslicht
  • Centering of Guests

Weddings have been all about the couple getting married, but we’re starting to see a little change when it comes to that. Couples are adopting the heartwarming trend of considering their guest’s feelings at their wedding and trying to make them feel at home. We’ll be seeing more of homelike décor at weddings as a result of this, as couples will be going for a chance to make their guests feel at home. We’re talking long tables, home-style sofas, lounges, and more.

  • Great Lighting

Great lighting is already a major trend now, but we can see it continuing well into the future. It’s a great way to showcase all the lovely décor at your wedding and helps your photos come out looking even better. We expect to see the usual fairy lights, hanging installations, candles and more

  • Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are elegant, fun, and inspiring. It can be designed in so many different ways, and a couple with a tight budget can also choose to go for minimal décor and still get away with it. There are many lovely variations you can go with when it comes to this trend. Last year we also had such a wedding, where everything took place completely outdoors. The location was a castle with a huge green area. We placed the wedding ceremony, the lounge area, the cake table in the afternoon and a beautiful open flex tent with wooden floor for dinner with many lights outdoor. Check out the pictures here.

Photos by Vasil Bituni

  • Lots of Desserts

This is the tastiest trend we’ll be expecting, and we’re sure many wedding guests are excited about it. We’ll continue seeing dessert tables full of options to satisfy the guests’ different tastes and dietary restrictions. We can’t wait to see the mouthwatering and beautiful displays of cheese, fancy sweets, chocolate, and cold meat boards

When it comes to planning modern and trendy weddings, we are the ones you should contact. With us, your ideas and wishes have priority. We combine everything in a distinctive design and create a wedding with lots of passion and emotions.

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