Design Konzept

  • romantisch und Outdoor
  • Farben: Rot
  • Schriftzug aus Kerzen
  • Blütenblätterteppich
  • Lichterketten 
  • Die Fahrt mit der Kutsche durch die Stadt. 

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  • Heiratsantrag

„It is a shame that there is only an option to give this company 5 stars… As i would totally give them 7 stars!

I had Proposed to my lovely Fiancee last October but hadn’t gotten down to writing a review for this company (marrybylen). The main reason why I took so long to write a review is simply because I had so many words to say about marrybylen and Trang, the Best person in their team!

I live in the UK and was planning to propose in Berlin. I wanted to make my proposal as special, magical and Classy (without being cheesy) and as a surprise, just like how you see it in some of the best romantic movies.

I believe that a person planning to propose in such a special way cannot do it on their own. So there I was… searching for someone, or a company to help me to organise my proposal in advance of reaching Berlin. I ended up settling with the Idea of searching for someone that specialises in helping to arrange marriage proposals. I did find a particular company who did provide this service and they ‚appeared‘ to market themselves as the best in the industry for marriage proposal organising . However upon contacting them, the company wanted to do everything their way by insisting that I do my proposal in a restaurant wine cellar… which is not the way I wanted it at all. The company was being forceful, wanting to do everything their way and they said that none of my suggestions or proposal ideas were possible to fulfil. After deciding not to use this company I started to think that perhaps wedding planners would be the next best option to help me organise my proposal according to my exact specifications or requests (which were not unreasonable or unrealistic). Many companies kept coming back saying that they strictly only did weddings planning and not proposals; they were not helpful enough.

I then came across marrybylen. It was here that I was introduced to Trang, a trusted representative organiser of marrybylen; who provided nothing but creativity, understanding and assistance of what exactly I needed when it came to the ideas, setup, apparatus and tools needed to make the perfect dream proposal. Trang was fantastic in communicating with me constantly and paid close attention to every minute detail, from the decorations, the exact flowers I wanted ,lanterns, candles,chocolate covered strawberries, the perfect table to put champagne on, the background music, perfect lighting and an extremely good quality Romantic Carriage ride (with the Driver also being our private tour guide) who picked up my soon to be Fiancee and I from our hotel and took us on a ‚Special Route‘ through Berlin, stopping at Several famous monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Tier Garden, not to mention the Charlottenburg Cathedral, just before reaching the proposal point. During my Proposal at a secret location, Trang was orchestrating absolutely everything behind the scenes as if she was no where to be seen. The customised song playlist according to what I wanted was well crafted by Trang and it was the finishing touch of making the perfect background setting. After the Proposal Trang arranged for the Carriage driver to drop us off at the preferred restaurant of our choice and taste.

I seriously recommend anyone looking for proposal ideas and the service of Proposal planning to contact Trang of marrybylen, she won’t let you down and is a serious contender in her field of expertise when it comes to anything to do with Proposals or wedding planning. I am happy for Trang to show anyone on request the amazing setup that she created for one of the most special days of my life, as I want others to have the pleasure of using Trang’s services too.

Thank you so much for being there to help me create the start of one of the most memorable times of my Fiancee’s and my life together.

I wish you all the best and will always recommend you for Proposal and Wedding Planning services whether being in Germany or in any other part of the world.“ 

Happily Engaged, soon to be Happily married 🙂